Grief and Loss: Healing Through Stories

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We all go through grief and loss at some point in our lives

Everyone has their own individual experience of grief, and no one can tell you how you should grieve or how long it should take. In grief counseling, I have worked with many people who have suffered through the loss of a loved one.┬áThe one thing I have seen in common in all of these cases is the importance of being able to experience your own grief and the emotions that come with it. (more…)


Grief and Loss: Letting it Out

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Sometimes I write my blogs around things that come up in sessions. Sometimes I have an idea brewing in my head for several weeks and write about that. Other times I hear or see something and feel like I have to share it with people. This week is one of the latter. While driving around with my wife this week I heard a beautiful piece on This American Life. The segment talked about grief and the needs of children going through grief and loss.