link to the sacwellnes classifieds for therapists

Welcome to the SacWellness classifieds for therapists!

A free way to advertise to mental health professionals in the greater Sacramento area.

-As of January 15, 2023, the classifieds for therapists are closed-

In an effort to get this resource out and known amongst local therapists, I spent a good amount of time in 2021 and 2022 reaching out to organizers of any events, trainings, seminars, or people renting office space, selling furniture, etc. Much of this work took the form of me contacting people who had posted on our local Facebook group. Because of this, I have come to the conclusion that the Facebook group currently meets this need and continuing to attempt to build this alternative would take time away from me working on other important aspects of SacWellness.

If you’ve not joined yet, please check out the Sacramento/Davis Area Mental Health Professionals Group on Facebook.

Straight from the classified ad I used to have up for the group:

Are you a mental health professional in the Greater Sacramento area?

Come join our facebook group!

We’re an active community of a little over a thousand mental health professionals located in the area around Sacramento.

Share articles, events, thoughts, news, find and share referrals!

If you have any questions about the group, feel free to contact me here.
You can find the group here:


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