Teen Counseling

A thumbnail of a youtube video tutorial for how to fold origami stars. Used as a demonstration for controlling ADHD and anxiety through structured fidgeting.

How to Harness Your Fidgeting to Control ADHD and Anxiety

Do you or someone you love struggle with ADHD? In the past people have typically looked at fidgeting as an annoying distraction for those with ADHD, but recent studies have found that structured fidgeting can actually help those with ADHD to focus. If you or someone you love is struggling with paying attention to reading, or lectures, maybe you should try some fidgeting?

Delayed Gratification

Studies have shown that a child’s ability to tolerate delayed gratification is a significant predictor of success in life. Having the ability to control oneself and put off immediate rewards for greater ones in the future has a definite advantage in our modern world. Unfortunately, more than ever, children are frequently exposed to situations that work against the development of this ability. With constant entertainment at their fingertips, children have much fewer opportunities to grow in this area than they have in the past.

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