Counseling and Therapy

Welcome to my counseling blog!

This is where you will find all kinds of information related to counseling, therapy, and mental health. I generally use this as a place to write about anything that comes up in therapy and I often refer my clients to posts that seem relevant to the content of our sessions. I like to try to include media in all of my posts, so if you’re not much of a reader, or you’re looking for something quick, you can peruse the clips in my posts and still get something good out of them. I aim to post every other week, but it seems to be more like every 3 weeks on average :-p

The content found in my counseling blog is intended for educational purposes only and is not intended to take the place of counseling, therapy, or advice from a professional. If you are in need of counseling and/or help with psychological problems please contact a mental health professional.

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