SacWellness: An Update and How to Pay For Your Listing

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Thank you for listing your practice on!

As you know, listing on the site has been free since its inception in June 2018. I originally planned on offering listings free for 4 months, which turned into 6 months, then 1 year, then 20 months. I really wanted to make sure that the site was well established and useful to people before I started charging for it. I’m happy to share that this time has come.

SacWellness has grown and is thriving! Over the course of 2019:

  • Over 45,000 people visited the site!
  • Therapist listings on the site were viewed 38,797 times.
  • Therapists’ websites were visited from their SacWellness listings 2,216 times.
  • 243 calls were made to therapists through their listings.
  • 275 emails were sent through therapist listings.
  • That’s an average of 185 website visits, 20 calls, and 23 emails each month!


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We’re also doing well in search engines!

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Earlier in the year I announced that I would start charging for the site in the beginning of 2020. If you’re reading this, then it is likely that your listing has expired or is about to expire. To continue listing on the site you will need to switch to a paid listing. How To Pay For Your Listing

How to Pay For Your Listing

  1. Log in and locate your dashboard.
    the location of the sacwellness dashboard
  2. Click on “listings” to view your listing(s) then click the three vertical dots to the right of it and select “change Plan”.
    screen capture tutorial picture showing where to change how therapists pay for listings
  3. A “change pricing plan” window will pop up. On this page select “paid listing” at the bottom, and then click “pay to proceed”.
  4. On the next page, select stripe. After clicking “proceed to next” you are given the option to choose to set up automatic recurring payments if you’d like.
    where to find the recurring payment option on sacwellness
  5. Follow the Stripe instructions.

Thank you for your continued support in building this local resource! ^_^

As usual, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need any help with any of this! ^_^

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