Trans and Non Binary Resources in The Sacramento Area

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As a therapist I do a lot of gender identity counseling with trans and non binary individuals. Over the last month or so I have been writing posts to help those who love someone who is trans or non binary. In this final post I will be sharing resources that can be useful to both trans / non binary individuals and those who love them.

Trans and Non-Binary Resources in The Sacramento Area

The Gender Health Center
2020 29th St. #201
Sacramento, Ca 95817
The Gender Health Center is a not for profit agency in Sacramento that offers counseling, groups, resources, and lots of good community events. They also have an advocacy program that is available to help people in figuring out their own transitioning process. In general, this is the first place I point anybody to for resources and getting involved in the community.

Danelle’s Place
(916) 455-2391
2020 29th St. #103
Sacramento, Ca 95817
Created by the Gender Health Center in 2010, Danelle’s Place is basically a free place for people to go when they need a break from the world and some support. Open Mondays 11-5 and Thursdays and Fridays from 3-9.

Sacramento LGBT Community Center
1927 L St.
Sacramento, CA 95811
The Sacramento LGBT Community Center is another good source of support, resources, and community events. They have groups for trans and non binary people and coordinate lots of community events.

The Sacramento LGBT Community center also offers their own respite centers: The Lambda Lounge for adults, and the Q Spot for youth.

PFLAG Sacramento
PFLAG is an organization of friends, families, and parents of LGBTQ people. They offer support groups, community events, education, and advocacy.

Sutter Gender Identity Support Group
“We are an open, non-profit, non-sexual social group serving the Greater Sacramento area for those who are serious about their gender identity. ¬†We provide a safe and secure place where they can interact with others with similar experiences and meet, visit and exchange information. We serve the educational, emotional, and recreational needs of the gender variant, transgender and intersex community, their significant others, parents, children, allies and helping professionals”

Trans Lifeline
(877) 565-8860
Trans Lifeline is a national 24 hour crisis support line for people who are trans, non binary, or struggling with their gender identity. They are a suicide hotline, but also a warm line, which means they are there to support anyone who needs help or are seeking resources.

Sacramento Area Rainbow Kids
“We are a group of families who gather together for support, education, and community to help raise our transgender, gender variant, gender non-conforming or gender questioning children (4-18 years old) in a supportive and loving manner. We recognize that every child and every family has their own journey and has different levels of acceptance and beliefs.”

River City Gems
“The River City Gems are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to improve the lives of transgender individuals and their families by providing social opportunities, peer support, education, resources, outreach programs, and other services focused on the specific needs of the male-to-female transgender community.”

GC2B Transitional Apparel 
Among those I’ve spoken with who bind, this seems to be recognized as a good source for binders.

Gender Therapists in The Greater Sacramento Area
SacWellness is a local therapist directory. This is a link to the page for therapists who work with gender identity.

If you haven’t gotten a chance yet, you should check out my other two blog posts in this series: Someone I love is Trans or Non Binary:

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If you have any questions about anything you have read in these blog posts or would like to talk to me about counseling / therapy, give me a call sometime for a free brief phone consultation. Finding a gender therapist can be hard sometimes. It is important that you find someone who feels like a good fit for you. You can also click the following link to read more about LGBT counseling with me.

Joe Borders, MFT
LGBT counseling in Roseville and Sacramento
(530) 448-6602

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