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In my time as a blogger on this site I have had numerous occasions where I simply want to share something that is generally feel good, supportive, uplifting content. This is where you can find all of my such posts. If you’re having a hard time right now or I told you in session to go check out this page, take a look and choose one or two posts to look into!

How To Sleep Better

sleep better headerthumb.jpg

How To Control Anxiety: Breathing Exercises

breathing for anxiety

Mindfulness: Here Comes a Thought

Here comes a thought

Things That Are Oddly Satisfying


Environment Affects Mental Health

fishtank handh

ASMR: Brain Tingles

Pets Are Good For Mental Health

pets and mental health

This is Water

this is water

Gratitude: A Practice in Mindfulness


Mindfulness: Savor Every Moment

therapy blog

Counseling: Self Esteem

self esteem

Believe in yourself!: A Common Lesson in Counseling

boy's inspirational speach

Happiness Is A Mob Of Westie Pups!

Counseling westie puppies

The First Entry In My Counseling Blog: Kid President

kid president counseling

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