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Have you ever seen one of those videos where someone walks onto the stage at a singing competition and they’re really shy / apprehensive, but they end up blowing everyone away? I get this kind of situation all the time in counseling: person thinks there’s nothing special about them but they’re amazing at something. So many of us are self conscious and have low self esteem. Something I have learned in being a therapist is that nobody is boring. Everyone has a story to tell and things that interest them that they excel at. This is a blog post I made back in 2013. Originally I just posted one video here but I’ve updated it on 3/27/17 to include lots of videos of like this.

The Video that Started this Post

Guy Brings his Nan with Him and Blows Everyone Away

Charlotte and Johnathan -2012-

Andrew De Leon

Woman has Severe Depression and Anxiety, Gets Therapy, and Then This

And then of Course Everyone Knows Susan Boyle

Do you struggle with your self esteem? Counseling can help! Give me a call sometime for a brief free phone consultation. For now I have filed this post under teen counseling. Click the following link to read more about teen counseling with me

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