What Will Your Verse Be?

I found this video on Youtube today and decided to post it here. I’m trying to think of a commentary to add to it and this is all I’ve got:

Don’t forget to live. Amidst all the chaos, hardships, and frustrations in life, don’t forget to take time for self care and to witness the beauty of life. Sometimes when life gets hard, it can be easy to forget the things we enjoy doing. The things that feed our souls. I’ve worked with so many people who had a baby, went to college, or had some other significant event, and then completely forgot or abandoned the things they enjoyed doing. Work is important for survival, but it’s the things that feed your soul that make life beautiful. Spend time with friends and family, get involved in a group or community activity, get away for the weekend, visit nature, do what you love. These things nurture you and are a part of good self care. Do these things and you will feel more satisfied and happy in life.

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