Anxiety and Decision Fatigue

Have you ever heard of the term Decision Fatigue? Its what happens to you when you have lots of decisions to make throughout your day and your brain starts to get tired from all of the work associated with making those decisions. Decision fatigue can result in all kinds of symptoms like irritability, anxiety, bad decision making, and general mental fatigue. Generally decision fatigue is associated with people who have to make lots of decisions throughout their day. Living in a world where we are frequently given numerous decisions, this is becoming more of a common issue.

For those who suffer with anxiety problems, decision fatigue can be more of a challenge and have a quicker onset than for those who do not suffer from anxiety problems. Researchers suggest that decision fatigue results from anxiety surrounding the possibility of making a bad choices. ie “how will this decision affect me? will I regret this later? Am I making the right decision? For those who suffer with anxiety, small decisions can quickly become very big decisions. I personally often have my wife choose fruit and vegetables in the grocery store because I get too anxious that somehow I will choose bad produce, and just getting her to do it makes the situation easier. Leaning on my wife to rescue me from my anxiety might not be the best solution in this situation, but many people suggest that it can be helpful to find ways to take the anxiety out of decisions by automating small decisions in your life. Make choices ahead of time. set up plans and stick to them. Work to recognize the times you are commonly confronted with difficult decisions and plan ahead for them….and if you need to, get your wife to choose the produce. Nobody is perfect, and asking for help to simplify life every here and there is really ok.

If you find yourself suffering from decision fatigue often, you may be struggling with anxiety. A common symptom of many anxiety disorders can be difficulty making decisions, and struggling with elevated anxiety when making decisions. Therapy can help with this. If you think you or someone you love is struggling with anxiety, consider seeking counseling.


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