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This is where you will find all kinds of information related to counseling, therapy, and mental health. I generally use this as a place to write about anything that comes up in therapy and I often refer my clients to posts that seem relevant to the content of our sessions. I like to try to include media in all of my posts, so if you're not much of a reader, or you're looking for something quick, you can peruse the clips in my posts and still get something good out of them.

You will also find all of the posts from my Covid-19 pet project: a website I created to help people find mental health resources in the greater Sacramento area. I closed the site in early 2023, but you can find most of the blogs that were on it here and click the following to find the mental health resources in the greater Sacramento area that used to live on the site.

The content found in this blog is intended for educational purposes only and is not intended to take the place of counseling, therapy, or advice from a professional. If you are in need of counseling and/or help with psychological problems please contact a mental health professional.

a cracked heart painted on dried cracking clay

Takotsubo Syndrome: When a Broken Heart Actually Breaks the Heart

Have you ever heard someone describe their pain after a breakup or the death of a loved one as having a broken heart? Turns out there is an actual condition known as Takotsubo syndrome, or broken heart syndrome, in which the heart is physically changed after a person experiences a severe stressor such as the loss of a loved one. Check out my blog post to learn more.

link to an article about addiction being a disease

Addiction is a Disease

There has been a lot of disagreement over the years as to whether addiction is a disease or a choice. Lots of recent research into neurochemistry has shown that addiction makes actual physical changes to the brain. Addiction hijacks our natural hierarchy of priorities and claims a space in the brain that can supersede all other needs. Check out my blog post to learn more about why addiction is a disease.

link to article about attachment injuries and the still face experiment

The Still Face Experiment and Attachment Injuries.

Have you ever had a time when someone important to you wasn’t there for you when you needed them and you really felt abandoned? Like you were reaching out for him or her and he/she wasn’t there or was cold and unresponsive. This can be a particularly painful experience that can damage a person’s sense of safety and ability to open up and reach out to loved ones for help. In this blog post I share a video that speaks to many people who have had this kind of experience repeatedly or in a big way.

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