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Joe Borders, MFTJoe Borders,

Marriage and Family Therapist

In Roseville and Sacramento

July 13, 2008

One Month Of SacWellness

It’s been about a month since we launched SacWellness! Given that I’m such a sucker for statistics, here’s some facts about our first month in business:

1,200 visitors!

a graph of visitor volume for SacWellness after being open for one month.

In our first month we had over 1,200 visitors to the site and over 4,500 page views! That’s a lot for our first month!

We’ve Got Therapists!

In our first month we’ve had 59 therapists sign up for SacWellness. If you are considering joining, we are still offering free listings throughout the remainder of the year. We’ve still got a couple of locations that don’t have any therapists listed in them. Visit our locations page and hover over the different locations to see how many therapists are listed in each location.

We’re Ranking on Google!

We’re already ranking on the first two pages of google for 18 of the key phrases we’re tracking!

a list of several keywords SacWellness was targeting in 2018

We’re on the first page of Google!

When I sat down to write this blog post I did a quick google search and found that we are currently the 5th result on google for “Sacramento therapist directory”!!!!

google search results showing SacWellness as the 5th result

We’re Doing Well on Facebook

So far Facebook has been our main marketing platform. Next month We’ll be adding Adwords to our marketing strategy. But we already have 185 Facebook likes! This month our page reached almost 28,000 people! that means 28,000 people saw one of our posts in their news feed! O_o. We also had 1,800 post engagements! that means people who clicked on our links, visited our site, “liked” something, shared something, etc. This is a really good start! ^_^

Facebook statistics for SacWellness in 2018

Our most viewed blog post:

With 265 views!

link to article: world health organization to stop labeling transgender people as mentally ill. the pros and cons of this

World Health Organization changing the classification of gender dysphoria to a sexual health issue,

Our top 3 most viewed listings were:

  1. Finley Terhune with 47 unique views
  2. Rebecca Johnson with 30 unique views
  3. Tracy Schwartz with 26 unique views

The best looking listing submitted this month

(Mostly for making use of YouTube video and having an awesome logo :-p:)

the best looking listing on SacWellness in 2018

Karissa J. King, MA, LMFT & Adam M. King, MA, CLC

Problems We Ran Into

We had a problem that was preventing Safari users from being able to create listings. We fixed this, but there are still some people who are being affected due to caching issues. We only had 5 people run into this problem, but it really sucked :-(. Imagine typing out a paragraph or two about yourself and then not being able to submit it. We helped most of the people who had this problem by creating their listings for them. For the time being we are still recommending that people avoid using Safari to submit a listing.

What We’re Working on:

Since we’ve got some therapists on the site now, we’re moving on to the link building phase of our plan. We’re currently looking around the internet for any local sites that are linked to sites like Psychology Today and asking them to link to us as well. We are also reaching out to other local organizations to see if they might be interested in linking to our site. All of this will help us to rank in search results by giving search engines more evidence that we are a local organization that is focused on mental health and therapy.

How You Can Help

If you work for an organization or know of an organization that might be interested in linking to our site please let us know. Also, we are working on building our Facebook presence. If you haven’t already, please “like” our facebook page

If you’re a therapist in the greater Sacramento area, please consider listing your practice on Its free for the first 6 months and then only $17/month after that. SacWellness is an up and coming resource for all things mental health related in Sacramento and surrounding areas, including Auburn, Antelope, Citrus Heights, and Gold River. On SacWellness you can advertise your practice, write about mental health issues, and advertise to other mental health professionals in the area.

Thank you for your interest in SacWellness and for helping us to build this resource for our community! ^_^

About the Author

Joe Borders, MFTJoe Borders is a marriage and family therapist located in Roseville and Sacramento. He is primarily a sex positive gender therapist, but also specializes in working with couples, teens, addiction, and the LGBTQ community. Joe is also the owner and founder of SacWellness. You can find out more about him by visiting his sacwellness listing or by visiting his website: therapy and counseling in Roseville and Sacramento



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