Mental Health

Introversion vs. Extroversion

Most people don’t have a clear understanding of the differences between extroverts and introverts. This brief blog post talks about those differences.

Words to Describe Emotions

As human beings we experience lots of complicated emotions that are hard to explain. This blog post contains several of my favorite obscure/foreign words for emotions.


We all hear people talk about self esteem. What is it? How do we get it? and what things affect self-esteem? Check out my blog post to learn more.

Lucid Dreaming

Do you dream vividly? Have you heard of lucid dreaming: The state of being in a dream and being aware of the fact that one is dreaming? When lucid dreaming, dreamers are able to control their dreams. This blog post is all about lucid dreaming and some strategies dreamers can use to achieve lucid dreaming.

What Will Your Verse Be?

When life gets hard, don’t forget to take time for self care. If you have a hobby or an activity you enjoy doing that you have given up because you’ve been too busy, revisit it. Take time for yourself and to witness the beauty of life.

Counseling: Self esteem

In counseling I encounter a lot of people who have self esteem issues. This blog post is a collection of people who struggle with self esteem and/or anxiety but got on stage and blew everyone away in a singing competition.

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