Living in Alignment: Getting in Touch With “Source Energy”

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By Darcy Clarke

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Sacramento, Ca

May 15, 2021

Moving out of a Fear and/or a Shame-based Reality

Moving out of a fear or a shame-based reality will necessitate becoming less identified with your humanness and societal conditioning, and instead become more ‘internally resourced.’

You may be asking what does this mean?

From the perspective of Living in Alignment, the reason people are caught up living in a fear or a shame-based reality is because they’ve been conditioned to mostly defer to and rely upon their intellect to lead their lives.

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This translates to being primarily ‘externally resourced’ or being overly identified with your humanness and the conditioning of the three-dimensional world.  When this occurs your egoic mind/intellect is your go-to source of power.

When a person is primarily externally resourced they’re functioning at a deficit on account that they have limited access to universal wisdom and the bigger picture of their lives.

What is the alternative?

In contrast, when you’re ‘internally resourced ‘ you defer to and rely upon the resources of your spiritual self to lead your life.

Becoming internally resourced is facilitated by attending to your intuition (what feels ‘right’) and learning to listen to and follow the guidance and promptings from your Soul  (a word I use to refer to the unique aspect of the power that is greater than your intellect that resides inside you).

As you reconnect with your Soul, you’ll come to know that you’re both a human and spiritual being, that Source energy is as real as the difference between night and day, that you’re not alone in the Universe, that you’re deeply loved, that you’re intended to have a personal relationship and live in partnership with Source energy, that your presence is of significance, and that your life has meaning and purpose.

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Becoming internally resourced is a lifelong practice of deepening your connection with Source energy while becoming increasingly aware of, present to, and engaged with, the wondrous unfolding of your life.

Living in Alignment is your birthright, a naturally occurring process that is uniquely special to every person.

To learn more about becoming internally resourced, the Living in Alignment approach and Study Groups please visit my website,

Welcome to the adventure of Living in Alignment!

Darcy Clarke is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Sacrament0, and the originator of the Living in Alignment (LIA) approach to self-empowerment and transformation.

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